Family Law

Felsenfeld & Clopton attorneys have extensive trial experience in both the County Court level and the Appellate level in assisting clients with all aspects of family law matters. We offer our clients not only solid litigation experience but also a well informed common sense approach to resolving family disputes amicably, whenever possible, but have litigated to achieve favorable results for them. We are committed to working closely with our clients in obtaining a fair and equitable result in all aspects of family law matters.

Specific family law practice areas include the following:
• Divorce
• Custody
• Post-Judgment motions and applications
• Child support
• Domestic Violence
• Grandparent Visitation petitions
• Pre-nuptial Agreements

real estate

Felsenfeld and Clopton, P.C. has extensive experience in handling all aspects of real estate transactions from residential real estate closing to complex commercial transactions. Despite our small size we have represented clients in the acquisition and sale of large industrial properties, car dealerships, gas stations, restaurants and franchises, etc. Irene Clopton is a Trustee of the Mercer County Real Estate Section.

Our attorneys and staff pride themselves on client satisfaction. For most people, the purchase of a home is is a huge commitment, as well as the most expensive contractual obligation with which they are confronted. We are dedicated to assisting our clients which each and every phase of the home purchase and sale process.

Irene Clopton has moderated and presented at many Continuing Legal Education Seminars on various topics concerning Residential and Commercial Real Estate.  

Specific real estate practice areas include the following:
• Residential home sales and purchases
• Refinances
• Commercial Real Estate Transactions
• Drafting and Negotiation of Residential and Commercial Leases
• Acquisition and sale of Franchises
• Litigation for breach of contract and other property matters
• Actions to quiet title
• Partition Actions

municipal court

Howard Felsenfeld has over 30 years of experience in handling Municipal Court matters throughout the State of New Jersey. He has successfully represented hundreds of clients throughout the years in matters associated with Municipal violations.

Municipal Practice includes:
• DUI – Drunk Driving
• Reckless Driving
• Careless Driving
• Domestic Violence
• Minor drug offenses
• Speeding


Our attorneys have extensive experience in handling Law Division and Chancery Division cases, including Breach of Contract Complaints, Business Disputes and Real Estate Litigation.

estate planning

• Last Wills and Testaments
• Powers of Attorney
• Living Wills
• Health Care Directive

appellate practice

Felsenfeld & Clopton, P.C. has had extensive experience before the Appellate Division involving appeals of Trial Court orders in Family, Law and Chancery matters. Our attorneys have been successful representing clients on appeal.